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Being the best in the auto repair business is no easy task. We have proudly served Connecticut for over 30 years, and have the most loyal customers out there! We began as a Radiator Fabrication and Repair business, in recent years we have expanded to include general auto repairs! Though our focus has expanded, we still realize that great service and excellent quality are what make us the best in Connecticut!

Think A-II for all your Automotive Maintenance Needs!

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A-II Radiator : Your one stop automotive shop.

Welcome to A-II Radiator!

Welcome to A-II Radiator, your one stop local radiator shop. We cover many different services, specializing in Radiator Repair for cars, trucks, antique cars, race cars, and heavy duty equipments and trucks. We have a dedicated staff which has served the area for over 30 years. To learn more about our many services, Click Here

  • Radiator Repair, Maintenance and Custom Fabrication
  • General Car Maintenance (Brakes, Head Gaskets, ETC.)
  • Gas Tank Lining

We Specialize in Radiator Repair

At A-II Radiator

  • Industrial Radiators
  • Heavy Duty Truck Radiators
  • Heavy Equipment Radiators
  • Antique and Race Car Radiators
  • Heater Cores
  • Plastic Radiators
  • Aluminum Intercoolers

We can also re-core your plastic and aluminum radiators to make them a more durable Copper and Brass. We guarantee these cores for 5 years.


We also perform general Car Maintenance

What ever you need done to your vehicle, A-II can do!


Gas tank Lining

Whether you have a rusted out Harley Davidson gas tank, or one from a antique Jaguar. We can make it like new.
We Restore and Recondition all types of Gas Tanks with a durable coating to defend against rot and rust.


Please call us to learn more! (203) 335-6580